21-23 February 2020

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What is HackLBS?

HackLBS is the flagship Hackathon hosted by LBS since 2015. HackLBS brings together business professionals, hackers and designers enabling them to get their ideas off the ground and launch new ventures. 

HackLBS happens every year and we’ve hosted over 400 attendees, which leads to exciting products and solutions designed in a pressure cooker environment.

Our HackLBS is open to anyone from the early-stage thought players all the way to the committed idea pursuers. The weekend is supported by best in class mentors and judges who provide invaluable feedback along the journey.

There are multiple winning teams each year based on the different themes and exciting prize funds to be won!

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The HackLBS Weekend

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Are you in?

If any of the below get you excited, then the LBS Hackathon is exactly the place to be!

Join us with or without an idea; on your own or in a team. Bring your passion and enthusiasm, we’ll provide the rest so enjoy the ride!

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