Launchpad is a startup pre-accelerator program that connects some of the world’s brightest business minds with London’s entrepreneurial community to transform ideas into viable businesses.

The program runs part-time over 4 months. Successful applicants take part in a series of networking events, practical workshops, and pitches designed to prepare them to receive initial funding by the end of the program.

The program is open to LBS students as well as to external students and non-students.



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In a series of workshops facilitated by industry-leading experts, participants get a crash-course in design thinking and business planning. Teams develop their business model and prepare to pitch their idea to a panel of internal judges. Using a points-based voting system, 10-15 ideas are selected to move forward to the second stage.



Once into the second stage of Launchpad, focus shifts towards building an MVP and validating the idea. Teams develop their product/service design, their commercial model, their brand/marketing strategy, and learn how to pitch effectively. Guiding each team along this journey are industry mentors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and angel-investors helping them to put their best foot forward on pitch day.



Register your interest via Google form (Nov 9th - 22nd)

Unless you decide to opt out of it, the list of potential Launchpad participants will be made public for team-building purposes.

Team Building, Pitching, & Networking night (TBD)

This night will give anyone interested in joining the Launchpad the opportunity to hear LBS professors talk about successful team-building as well as to listen to VCs explain what they look for in a team. The session will be followed by a pitching and networking night.


APPLICATIONS OPEN (Dec 3rd - Jan 21st)



PHASE 1 (February)

Workshop 1: Idea validation

This workshop will introduce and cement Design Thinking frameworks – maximising the impact of Launchpad ideas by rooting them in real customer issues and by developing effective and impactful solutions.

Workshop 2: Business modelling & Financial Planning

In this session, teams will explore how to sustain their company before receiving financing. What is the revenue model? What is the cost structure? The aim is to come up with a viable business model to support the Launchpad idea. 



Teams will be evaluated on the basis of

a) Business Model and b) Pitch.

The Launchpad committee, made up of angel investors and industry mentors, will select 10-15 teams to move forward to the next series of workshops.


PHASE 2 (March-May)

Workshop 3: Product development / MVP creation

In this workshop, selected teams will move on towards the development phase of their products / services. This session will focus both on startup product development methodologies and on prototype building.

Workshop 4: Go-to-market and growth planning

What is your product / service’s market niche? And what are your growth objectives in such niche? This session will help you to position your idea in a crowded market, as well as to develop growth tactics to accelerate your business’s performance.

Workshop 5: Branding & Marketing

This workshop is meant to help teams think about their value proposition and customer acquisition models.  

Workshop 6: Company valuation, Fundraising & Legal

One of the biggest decisions facing any new business - where and how to get funded? This workshop will be a crash course in early business fundraising. The focus will be for all teams to understand their funding requirements, what to expect from investors and how to achieve their equity goals.

Workshop 7: Deck building and pitch practice 

Time to put it all together and prepare to pitch.



After 4 months of prep, each team will pitch to selection of VC and angel investors and accelerators for the chance of real investment or a place in upcoming accelerator cohorts. 


How to Apply

To register interest for upcoming Launchpad 2019, click below!